Matt Damon Is Very Happy With His Life

Matt Damon shares that he’s very content with his life and is enjoying the freedom in his career to dictate how much or how little he works.

“All of those bigger kind of questions have been answered for me, so now it’s just about enjoying living the life that I have chosen and I love that. ”

“I remember being 25 and 30 and not having a lot of that stuff figured out and it’s always kind of there looming, ‘I know I want kids some day, but I haven’t met the person I want to have kids with’.  And now that I have four, what the hell was I thinking?”

The father of four, who just turned 40, says his new focus is now his health – so he can be there for his wife Luciana and their kids:

“What I really want now is health. To be healthy and to be there as much as I can and to hang out with my family.”

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