Victoria Beckham’s House Is Full Of “Testosterone”

Victoria Beckham, the 36-year-old fashion designer, model, and former Spice Girl, has again claimed she doesn’t know the sex of her unborn baby – her fourth child with her soccer star husband David Beckham – despite reports stating she is having a girl, and admits if she has another son the manly influence in her home will rise again.

Victoria – who has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, five, told talk show host Jimmy Fallon:

“We don’t know, we might find out though, we are excited. It will either be a boy to add to the three boys we have. We will have a five-a-side football team if you add in David. We have so much testosterone in our house it is crazy.”

In the past, Victoria has made no secret of her desire to have a daughter, saying she would love someone to do girly things with.

“I can imagine painting her nails, putting on make-up and choosing clothes with her.”

It’s always a tough choice, right?  Do I go for more one to get that “other” gender? I see it all the time.  We’re “lucky” since we have one and one, but it’s almost nicer to have two of one then be “forced” to have a third.  Since having kids, I am a HUGE proponent of having a nice sized family.  Three or more kids for me!  I’m sick of hearing people say, “oh, a boy and a girl…you’re done.”  Well, why the heck is that???  The more the merrier, especially being an only child and the spouse of an only child.

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