Sharon Osbourne Had Rushed Valentine’s Day Dinner With Kids

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne had a hurried Valentine’s Day (2/14) date – her children treated her to an early dinner, before rushing off to enjoy their own nights of romance.

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife reveals she would have been alone on the most romantic day of the year had it not been for son Jack and eldest daughter Aimee.

But Osbourne soon discovered her kids had other places to be after they attempted to speed up the meal.
She says,

“My husband was away working in Chicago and so I had Jack and Amy, Kelly was in New York. They gave me the best dinner, but they kept wanting me to hurry. ‘Mum, you don’t want dessert’, or ‘Mum, you don’t want that’, and I’m thinking, ‘I do want dessert, and I do want coffee with something else!’ Because they had dates and they were filling me in! I was like the fill in. (They were like), ‘Can we have the bill now?'”

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