Adele Doesn’t Have Relationship With Her Father

Singer Adele hasn’t spoken to her father in years!

Although she’s only seen him once in about ten years, she hopes to rebuild their relationship one day.

“I last saw him at my grandma’s funeral. I think I was about 15. But I’d cut off contact with him when I was 10 or 11. It’s just disappointing when your own blood can’t keep promises and try to get out of things,” Adele said.

“I didn’t know what a dad was supposed to do because I never had one. I’m sure I will see him again, because now I think we can be friends. I don’t need him to be a dad now.

“And I’m still very much in touch with my Welsh family. I’ve got a younger brother on my dad’s side. He’s done better with him.”

Not having a father-daughter relationship has made Adele’s relationship with her mother stronger than ever.

“I’m much more appreciative of her,” she said. “You don’t realize how important your parents are until they’re gone or you spend a lot of time away from them. We’ve always been friends, but we’re tighter than ever. I can talk to her about anything and not in a mum-daughter way.

“And she’s the only solid and permanent thing in my life which I’ve realised since I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing.”

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