Jennifer Aniston Is Strict With Other People’s Kids

Jennifer Aniston is no softy when it comes to disciplining other people’s children.

Godmother to bff Courteney Cox’s six-year-old daughter Coco, Aniston is quick and unafraid to tell children if they have done something wrong.

“I get strict with my goddaughter and I get strict with other people’s kids,” Jennifer said.

Good pal Adam Sandler thinks Aniston would be a tough parent, but admits she’s “very sweet” with his four-year-old daughter Sadie.  And who would he think would be stricter, him or her?

“Stricter than me … but loving,” he said.

“She is very sweet to my kids. This morning Sadie kept asking, ‘Where is Jennifer Aniston? Where is Jennifer Aniston?’ ”

“Oh I love them, I was so happy to finally get the love from Sadie… It was just patience and finally I got it,” she said. “She couldn’t get enough of me, I got hugs and everything.”

I feel like Sadie is definitely daddy’s little girl!

Photos by Diane Cohen/Fame pictures

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