Giuliana Rancic Taking a Breather From Trying To Conceive

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill have been very open about their rough journey in trying to have children, even showcasing their struggle in a reality show.  Giuliana has shared that they’ve decided to take a break for a while.

Our new motto is to have fun. We’re just going to play the cards that God gave us and enjoy it, even if it means being without children for a while.”

“For two and a half years we tried to have a baby. Almost every day there was either an ultrasound, blood work, or a doctor was looking at me. It just got so invasive. And the thing is, IVF does work. It worked for us the first time but we miscarried, sadly.  It’s very easy for women … when they fail a couple of times, when they’re not getting pregnant or not having a baby and they’ve been trying for a long time, to get into a very dark place. It’s very hard to crawl out of that place.”

I don’t blame them a bit for wanting to take some time off from it and just enjoy themselves and see where the road takes them next.

“We realized we’re healthy, we can travel and first and foremost, we’re a family, Bill and I. Baby or no baby, we’re a family and we love each other. And we had to come back to remembering who we were before this whole baby journey — a fun couple. We’re now back doing that.”

I applaud their optimistic outlook and wish them the best.

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  1. mel says

    Sad it rips my heart out when i see people struggle to have children. i have a close friend who has been trying for 5 years. i hope they can keep the upbeat attitude!


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