Nickelodeon Squeezers: A New Healthy On-the-Go Snack

If you have kids then you know they gravitate towards characters whether they’re on toys, clothing, snacks. Nature’s Child’s new product takes advantage of children’s love of cartoons in a healthy way: their Nickelodeon Squeezers all-natural fruit purees.

Nickelodeon Squeezers are good for them (and I have to say, I’ve swigged one or two down myself…whether the kids like it or not) because they contain just pureed fruit and Vitamin C. They’re also gluten-free and OU Kosher. They are currently available in three flavors – Dora (Apple) and SpongeBob (Berry and Grape). I haven’t tried the grape, but the Berry and Apple are quite tasty.

Each 3.17 oz. pouch is a fun, mess-free opportunity to get a serving of fruit into your kids. It’s funny, my daughter refuses to eat applesauce from a jar. HOWEVER, she will eat it if it’s in a squeezer. She says it’s “like apple juice.” GO figure! I suppose SpongeBob and Dora don’t hurt either.

Sold in 4-packs for $2.99, they’re perfect for including in lunch bags, tossing in the diaper bag, or an anytime snack. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but if your child doesn’t finish it in one sitting, simply screw the choke-proof cap back on and pop it in the fridge. I personally think they’re much more refreshing when they’re cold, but it’s good both ways.

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