Jennifer Lopez Not Giving Expectant Mothers Advice

Jennifer Lopez is a mom to two adorable two-year-old twins, Max and Emme, but she’s not going to give expectant mothers advice about their growing bellies.

“Everybody gives you a lot of advice when you are pregnant, which I find a tiny bit annoying, so I’m not going to give any,” she said.

“But I did read What To Expect When You Are Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. You can go day by day with that. It’s awesome.”

And what’s even more awesome for Jennifer is that her babies will be turning three on February 22.  The siblings seem to be getting along better as they get older.

“They’re starting to play with each other more but there was a time when they were really fighting, a lot,” she said.

“He (Max) wouldn’t mean it, but he would push her (Emme) and she would get upset and try to bite him. They were like battling it out for position.

“Now they hold hands and walk around — it’s very cute. They’re lovely together and they give each other hugs and kisses.”

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  1. Sharrie says

    Looks like JLo and Kim K are taking classes from the same posing sexy coach. It looks fake and contrived on both of them.

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