Vanessa Minnillo Talks Babies And Her Admiration Of Reese Witherspoon

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey announced their engagement at the beginning of November and already the “when will you have babies?” questions have started!  Vanessa’s response to that:

“Things happen. And if a blessing comes before the wedding then that’s exactly what it is, [a blessing].”

Vanessa, who says they haven’t yet set a wedding date, won’t let her career stop her from having kids and vice versa:

“I would love to have children and work.  I definitely don’t want it to slow me down. I’m always going to be, ‘Go, go, go.’ And I’m going to be pregnant, fat and happy through it all.”

The actress says that her celebrity mom role model is Reese Witherspoon because of her ability to juggle it all:

“I think she’s amazing. She’s a strong woman who can manage her two babies and still be a talented actress as well an ambassador for her causes.  She’s done it all, and she’s done it all with grace and [shown] it is possible.”

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