My kids learned to love bathtime because they pretend to be animals when they get out! I’ve always had “animal” towels to wrap them in when they get out and my daughter usually waddles off like a penguin or my son hops off like a frog! I was so excited to try out Zoochini’s line of adorable hooded towels! They are the cutest and amazing quality! Now my son roars off like a lion when he steps out of the shower!  “Lars the Lion’s hooded towel’s soft coat warms up even the chilliest child. With a thick mane, tail, and cheerful embroidered face, this lion is a love!” (Zoochini’s website)  Zoochini offers a whole line of hooded bath towels. They have the cutest names; Lars the Lion, Casey the Cow, Doinkie the Pig, Petey the Puppy, Bella the Bunny, Elsie the Elephant (my favorite name) and more! You can check out the whole line of towels here.

Not only does Zoochini have cute towels, but they have adorable plush stuffed animals that come in a bucket! Perfect for a gift! I’m always a sucker for a plush toy!

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Zoochini also offers dinner sets which I just loved. The Dinnerware sets which come in 3 cute  and different designs. Each set comes with plate, bowl, sippy cup with lid, fork and spoon and even has it’s own carrying case!

Visit Zoochini at www.zoochini.com or follow them on facebook.

*company sent sample for review

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