Bethenny Frankel Helps Pampers Kick Off “Gifts To Grow Unsung Heroes” Program

Reality mom Bethenny Frankel is helping Pampers launch their latest year of the “Gifts to Grow Unsung Heroes” program.  Bethenny, mom of 9- month-old Brynn, shared a few parenting tidbits:

I use Pampers wipes for under eye makeup remover, for stain removal, to wipe my baby’s bottom, to wash my face. I use them for any and everything!”

On motherhood:

“Motherhood is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life — but it’s also a lot of hard work. Parents everywhere wear so many honorable ribbons everyday likely without even knowing it. It’s time we celebrate all that hard work!”

Brynn’s nickname:

“I call her Bumble Bee a lot. I think most parents and mothers will agree to the fact that every day a new nickname comes.”

On her daughter’s baby food:

“Being a natural foods chef, I do make some baby food and I do buy some organic baby food and mix it together with my creations. Making baby food is the easiest thing in the world. You can bake a sweet potato, cut an avocado in half, mix chick peas or white beans into something your baby likes to add protein. Most mushy foods are baby foods. People get a little too complicated and you don’t have to. Just make sure its healthy, organic when possible and not too much sodium. Be sensible with your baby the way you are with yourself.”

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Photos courtesy of Pampers

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