Heidi Klum Is Teaching Her Kids To Talk Respectfully

Celebrity mom Heidi Klum is premiering her new show “Seriously Funny Kids” on February 1st.  The mom of four shares what she doesn’t find funny in her own home: bad language.

“When we’re around the children, we really make a point in our family to not curse or say potty words. My husband and I try our best to make sure our kids are proper and have good manners. They’re already saying things that they shouldn’t be saying at their age. Leni will sometimes come home and say, ‘What the…,’. And I say, ‘Leni, What the… isn’t a sentence. It’s inappropriate and you can’t say it.’”

The former Victoria’s Secret model admits she’s no perfect “angel”:

“I’m not saying I’m a saint by any means. When I’m with grown-ups and we’re out, I curse sometimes and we say some inappropriate things. But when we’re at home, my husband and I try our best to make sure our children are proper and have good manners.”

What’s your policy on cursing/potty talk in your house?

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