Jack Nicholson’s Parenting Skills Is Pure Luck

Actor Jack Nicholson admits he’s been successful as a father due to his parenting skills, and not because he read parenting books, but because of sheer luck.

The 73-year-old relates parenting as being held hostage.

“There’s an old saying,” says Jack who plays a bad dad in new movie How Do You Know. “You’re a prisoner to your children the rest of your life.’ You’re held hostage. I try to give them their head.

“I’m lucky I got great kids. They’re doing great and — other than the son — it had very little to do with me, actually. But they’re great.

“That’s what you do — you hope. You’re in the lap of the gods when you’re a parent. Don’t fool yourself. You do your best.”

Photos by WIC/Fame pictures

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