Singer Jewel Mentors Kids As Bob Dylan Did For Her

Mom-to-be Jewel is paying it forward.  The singer shares that she is mentoring kids with their singing careers on her new reality show “Going Platinum” because it’s what Bob Dylan and Neil Young did for her.

“I was really lucky when I was 20; my first album was flopping and my record label wanted me to make a second album and Bob Dylan took me under his wing. He mentored me every night after the shows. I would have all my lyrics with me and he gave me books to read and music to listen to. I would be like, ‘I don’t have a hit’.

“I was homeless before this and I didn’t want to go back to living in my car. I was scared. He was adamant about me being who I am and being authentic and go the hard route, insisting, ‘It will pay off in the long run’. Then, after that, Neil Young took me under his wing. I was lucky to have these mentors – they helped me tow that line of having art and commerce mix; you can have both.”

Not too many artists can say they were mentored by icons like Bob Dylan and Neil Young! Wow.

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