Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Motherly Advice For Saving Time

Gwyneth Paltrow took to her “GOOP” website this week to share some time-saving tips that have helped her to stay organized and on top of things. The mother of two shared:

“I cook a lot, especially on the weekends, so I like to plan a rough menu for the whole weekend and get the food in on Friday. Obviously stores and websites that deliver make this a dream. In London, I use Ocado. Also James Knight, my favorite fishmonger, will deliver. Having all of the ingredients means I’m prepared even when I don’t think I am.”

Setting out the kids’ clothes and supplies the night before:

“I always lay the kids uniforms and school things out the night before once they are asleep. When it’s quiet, I can check the “kid list” for show and [go through] items to bring in, consent forms, ballet kit, etc, so that the morning is less of a scramble.”

She likes to multi-task while on the road:

“The school run is a great time to return calls (in whichever direction that the kids are not in the car) so don’t forget your hands-free device.”

What things do you find help you save time with your munchkins?

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