Michelle Williams Shuns Housework For Happy Times With Daughter

Michelle Williams vowed to give up her obsessive cleaning habits after realising she was spending more time tidying her home than with her daughter Matilda.

The actress loves for her Brooklyn, New York property to be in order and used to spend hours making sure each room was organized.  But Williams is cutting back on the amount of housework she undertakes so she can dote on her five-year-old daughter more.  She tells Britain’s The Times,

“I clean obsessively, on the assumption that if where I live is orderly then my life will be orderly.

“I have a child but I was spending precious time at night not with her but on my hands and knees picking up dolls’ clothes under the couch or organising piles of books. Then I realised that the happiest houses aren’t the cleanest ones.

“I will not do it any more. I will no longer be a slave to my living room and my kitchen.”

Photos by ANG/Barcroft/Fame pictures

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