Kelly Osbourne Wants Kids Someday

Kelly Osbourne says she “definitely” wants children in the future, but is happy focusing on her career at the moment.

“Do I want kids? Definitely, but not just yet,” she said. “I’ve still got a lot of things I want to achieve in my career, and I’m still young.”

The 26-year-old turned her life around after her battle with drug addiction and is now living a healthy lifestyle, and seems to be on the right path.

“I’m the most content I’ve ever been. I feel like I’ve had a second chance. I burnt a lot of bridges and was rude to a lot of people, but that was because I was so angry with myself that it came out in ways that, a lot of the time, made other people look bad,” she said.

“Now, when people are willing to be good to me and give me a second chance, it makes me feel so lucky and I appreciate my life a lot more.”

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