Eddie Cibrian Is Having His Child Support Lowered

Leann Rimes’ fiance Eddie Cibrian hasn’t been making as much as he used to.

E! News reports that the actor who raises two children with ex-wife Brandi Glanville — has made so little in the past six months that he’s having his child support decreased.

“He worked a little but only made a little,” a source said. “Now Brandi has to give him a bunch of money back. From now on, the child support payments will be half of what was originally agreed on.

“What she gets to keep isn’t enough to pay the rent of her new house, and now she and the kids have to move again.

“It’s really sad because the poor kids were finally getting settled in.”

I have mixed feelings about child support (being in a relationship with someone who does pay it) – I’m sure the payments Eddie is making is enough for the kids, maybe not to live the lifestyle they were used to, but I’m sure enough to live a good lifestyle.  Sounds a bit as if the ex-wife isn’t so happy, but that’s my opinion – no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

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