Jane Fonda Wasn’t A Good Momma

Jane Fonda doesn’t feel she like she was a good at raising her kids.

Fonda had daughter Vanessa with her first husband Roger Vadim in 1968, and a son, Troy, with activist Tom Hayden five years later.

Not being around as often as she would have like to have been with her own children, she uses the opportunity to be around her grandchildren as a “second chance.”

“I don’t think I taught them much. I don’t think I was that good of a mother. But I did always tell them the truth and I hope they can always learn from my mistakes.

“I was just moving from Barbarella into an anti-war activist when my daughter was born and I was out there on the barricades and I should have brought her with me but I didn’t. I wasn’t around a lot.

“That’s what’s so great about being a grandmother – it gives you a second chance.”

Photos by Juan Rico/Fame pictures

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