Top Psychologist Salutes Sir Elton On The Way He Handled Baby News

Top child psychologist Dr. Fran Walfish has congratulated Sir Elton John and David Furnish on their Christmas baby, insisting they’ll make great parents.

Walfish, the author of new book The Self-Aware Parent: Resolving Conflict and Building A Better Bond with Your Child, salutes the couple on its decision to keep the pregnancy and the identity of the surrogate top secret – and she hopes the media will respect the Rocket Man’s privacy as he tackles fatherhood for the first time.  Little Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born on Christmas Day (12/25) and Sir Elton and Furnish waited until Monday to announce the happy news.  Dr. Walfish says,

“They are already positioning their family with a surrounding wall of privacy and protection. They have laid the first layer of bricks and mortar as foundation for shielding for their son.

“These parents have taken their first steps to normalise the childhood of little Zachary. It’s hard enough parenting a child. The challenge of parenting under the scrutiny of public judgmental opinion increase complications for both child and parents. Good job, Elton and David!” And she warns bigots who may question whether two gay men can give a child everything he or she needs to keep their thoughts to themselves – because in her experience more and more kids are being brought up by gay or lesbian parents.

She adds,

“Each classroom where I have expert consulted in private schools has at least one family where the constellation consists of a gay couple, male or female, and their child or children.

“Research suggests that they turn out about the same, no better, no worse and no more likely to be gay than other kids. My professional clinical experience is that gay parents have the same challenges that heterosexual parents do. They must balance loving and nurturing their child with setting and following-through on clear boundaries.”

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  1. Leah Walker says

    I am commenting here as a means of an extra entry to the Dr.Bellin giveaway.

    I had no idea they were trying to have a baby or that one had been born. My 15 year old usually keeps me up on the celebrity world but she has been with friends almost non stop over the holidays out of school. I am a Christian but also believe it’s not my place to judge nor begrudge others the happiness having a child can bring. Good for them. I hope people leave them alone and let them raise their child as normal as you can in this day and age. Lol. Thanks for the update.

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