Ashley Jensen Embracing Christmas With Young Son

Ugly Betty star Ashley Jensen is fully embracing the festive season this year (10) – because her 14-month-old son is allowing her to enjoy the traditions of Christmas again.

The actress gave birth to her first child, Frankie, last October (10) and although Jensen admits he is still too young to be aware of the holidays, she is pleased she can revert back to the rituals of her own childhood.  She tells Britain’s Hello! magazine,

“He’s still too young to fully embrace the joys of the festive season, but the fact that he’s starting to be aware of the world around him is the perfect excuse to re-embrace those wonderful traditions – like leaving out a mince pie and a glass of whisky for Santa on Christmas Eve.

“Before Frankie came along, it was all a bit forced. I’d say to my cousins on Christmas Eve, ‘How about we hang up our stockings and go to midnight mass?’ Then I’d remember that they were 19 and more interested in going to the pub with their mates than observing Christmas traditions with me! Now I can be all festive again!”

Photos by Juan Rico/Fame pictures

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