Denise Richards’ Kids Learned Santa Clause Isn’t Real

Denise Richards’ children – Sam (6) and Lola (3) – learned that Santa Clause isn’t real at school…well almost.

“It was almost blown,” she said. “There was a little girl at school — Sammy told me, ‘Mom, is it true you put your name on the present?’ and I said, ‘No’.

“I love that they believe in Santa. It’s so fun.”

And what will Santa get them for Christmas – at least for Lola an American Girl doll.

“Have you heard of American Girl? That’s all they want. They actually went through the catalog, and that’s all that’s on their lists,” she said.

Lola reminds Denise of herself, while Sam reminds her of their father, Charlie Sheen.

“Lola’s definitely very spontaneous and very chatty and all of that, and Sammy, I would say she’s got a lot of Charlie in her — she’s very quiet, she’s very focused, which is fantastic with school and everything,” she said.

“But I think there’s a lot of me in both of them. And Sam is definitely more like her dad and Lola’s a lot like my mom too.”


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