Cameron Diaz Talking Babies

Cameron Diaz is expressing her maternal desire to have children. 

According to inside sources, the actress would like to be pregnant with boyfriend professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez – who already has two daughters, Natasha (6) and Ella (2) – and doesn’t seem to be wanting more anytime soon.  

“Cameron loves Alex’s kids,” an insider told HollyBaby.

“She’s a natural with the little ones. It was like she was born to be a mother. She has those motherly instincts.

“Cameron has always wanted kids and this is the first relationship that she’s been in where the kids are involved.

“His kids love her. And she doesn’t mind it one bit. It’s given her the itch to get pregnant.

“Alex is enjoying his time with her and the kids. He’s not looking any further than today. He’s not even sure he wants to get married again.”

Hmmm, that could be a problem, and potentially lead to a break up if Cameron is serious about wanting kids. 

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