Nicole Kidman Saddened That Her Adopted Children Won’t Be Living With Her

Nicole Kidman would like her adopted children – Isabella (18) and Connor (15) with ex-husaband Tom Cruise –  to live with her, hubby Keith Urban, and their child – Sunday Rose (2).

Kidman’s adopted children made the choice to live with dad Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes, and their daughter Suri (4), and even though the choice saddened the Aussie actress, she understands it was their choice. 

“They live with Tom, which was their choice,” she said. “I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

Although the news of her adopted children not living with her wasn’t the best of news, Kidman was happy becoming a parent later in life, having had daughter Sunday Rose with husband Urban in July 2008.

“It’s a beautiful thing at 43 to have a two and half year old!” she said.

She explained the youngster’s unusual name.

“When we were both alone, before we met each other, Sunday was the day we dreaded most, because when you don’t have someone in your life Sundays can be really lonely,” she said.

“Then when we met, we went from dreading Sunday to really loving it. It was the day when nobody was going to bother you, you could stay in bed, you could do what you wanted to do. We just thought, What a great name for our baby!’ “

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