Julianna Margulies Is Approaching Motherhood Differently Than Her Parents

Julianna Margulies shares that she grew up in a home where they didn’t own a television and only ate organic food, but she doesn’t plan to do that with her son Kieran, 2.

“I’m not into any food movement … I want my son to grow up healthy, but I think a little bit of everything is okay. If you don’t have a little sugar now and again, you’re just going to crave it,

“Everything in moderation, I believe. I let my son watch TV at weekends, but as a child we weren’t allowed to watch TV; we didn’t even have a TV.”

Julianna also shared that she nearly missed out on the lead role in her hit show “The Good Wife” because they were going to shoot it in Canada:

“They were planning to make the show in Vancouver because it was cheaper. Nothing against Canada, but my home and my family are here; I don’t want to bring my son up sitting in hotel rooms around the world just so I can work.”

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