Aaron Eckhart Wants A Baby

The Dark Knight actor, Aaron Eckhart, wants a baby. Playing a bereaved parent alongside Nicole Kidman in the new movie Rabbit Hole made him think about starting a family himself.

“I would love to have kids,” says Aaron, who is currently dating 37-year-old model and actress Molly Sims.

“I really would like that but we’ll have to wait and see. Right now I’m just loving telling stories and making movies for other families.”

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  1. LazyBabyRazzi says

    This is an old quote from September 2009 that they’ve recycled to appear current for his latest movie. And the original interview was not for babyrazzi.

    If blogs like this want credibility, fresh original content should be a priority, not just names for tags to get higher viewing.

    I will not be back to this site.

  2. Mrs. Cohen says

    Aaron is NOT dating Molly Sims! Her current boyfriend is someone else…So, who is he really dating?

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