James Van Der Beek Shows Off Daughter

James Van Der Beek  showed off his baby girl, Olivia – who was born on September 25 – in People magazine (click for photo).

The baby’s name was unknown until the new parents saw her face.  James’ wife, Kimberley admitted to letting have her husband have the say as to what the name would be. 

“I gave him full naming power,” she said.

“We wanted her to come out and then see what her name would be.”

“She looked like an Olivia,” James added.

James says he’s found solace in the “best advice” he’s received as a father thus far — that babies don’t break as easily as you think.

“That helps me to be a lot less nervous,” he notes. “I am calmer and then the baby picks up on the energy.”


Photos by Fame pictures

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