Neil Patrick Harris Jokes About The High Cost Of Breastmilk

Neil Patrick Harris shared with Craig Ferguson the journey to finding some peace for nine-week-old daughter Harper’s tummy problems.

Harper was very fussy … she was always in a state of angst. So we switched formulas a couple of times and now we’re having to have breastmilk brought in.”

He then joked about the process (and high price) of purchasing donated breastmilk:

You have to have breastmilk shipped in. I think it’s a racket.  Seriously, if someone is in Santa Monica — down the street and wants to provide milk — it has to go on a plane to San Jose and get fertilized and pasteurized and boiled and whatever happens in little bottles.”

It’s really great that there is the option of donor breastmilk in cases like Harper’s.  Hopefully this will cure her of her touchy tummy.

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