Madonna And Daughter Lourdes Have Typical Mother/Daughter Relationship

You might think Madonna would be the coolest mom on the planet, but according to daughter Lourdes, she’s just like any other mom.  Lourdes, 14, has been keeping a blog over on the Material Girl site for their clothing line with Macy’s, and she shared yesterday:

“I don’t know if any of you saw my hair yet but its mad dark right at the moment. I’m almost sick of it and now I want royal blue hair but not a streak, like my entire head. I’m sure if I get that hair color I’ll be sick of it after about two weeks.”

“I read this blog aloud to my mother and she is sitting here staring at me with no expression on her face, as if she doesn’t approve of it!” she writes. “So now you all know what I have had to put up with for the past 14 years of my life :D”

So, even though Madonna might have sported varying hair colors during her long-spanning career, she’s like the rest of us in praying that our kids won’t do the same things we did.   Madonna did tell Lourdes she could dye her once she turned 14….

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  1. Sharon says

    Lourdes is lovely. I wonder if she is going to be as wild and crazy with Madonna as Madonna was with her father???
    Time will tell….

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