Angie Harmon Inspired By Her Kids

Actress Angie Harmon gets inspired by her kids – who raises three girls with husband Jason Sehorn.

“You know, what I love so much is seeing things through their eyes. They’ll find the most beauty in something that’s so average to me as a grownup,” she said.

“Finley will pick up a huge orange leaf and say, ‘Mom, have you ever seen a leaf like this?’ It reminds me that we take so much for granted on a daily basis. It’s nice to have that reminder — the trees are beautiful and the sky is beautiful and blue when it’s so cold out. They remind me of things like that every day.”

The Law & Order actress also revealed that her oldes daughter looks like her.

“My oldest looks like me is and is like me when I was her age,” Angie said.

“My middle looks just like [my husband] Jason and I think acts like him, but he will differ and say she acts like me now. Hopefully, the youngest will be like her father. Some days she looks like me, and some days she looks like her dad.”

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