Lily Allen’s Sis: Lily Will Try For A Baby Next Year

Sarah Owen claims Lily Allen, the ‘Who’d Have Knownsinger wants to get pregnant again in 2011 after taking some time with her boyfriend Sam Cooper to grieve for the tragic loss of her baby six months into her pregnancy in November.

Sarah said:

“Lily hasn’t been in a great place, but she’s getting there. It’s been a long, hard road. She is in the country with her boyfriend and doing wholesome things. They’re going to start trying (for a baby) in the New Year.”

Sarah – who runs vintage clothes shop Lucy in Disguise in London with 25-year-old Lily – also revealed she found it difficult to comfort her sister in the wake of what happened.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“New Year, new start. Losing the baby has totally devastated her, she’s still grieving. I didn’t realise the impact something like this could have on someone, and as a sister it’s been painful to watch.”

Despite her heartache, Sarah insists Lily is more determined than ever to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother.

She explained:

“Lily won’t let this stop her, she is absolutely determined to be a mum. This is what she wants more than anything in the whole wide world, more than her singing career. It’s always been her dream.”

In January 2008, Lily suffered a miscarriage when she was dating Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons.

Let’s hope the third time will truly be a charm for Ms. Allen.  Best of luck!! It would be some really GREAT news for 2011/12!

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