Matt Damon Can’t Tell His Daughters No

They are definitely daddy’s little girls.

Actor Matt Damon can’t irresist his daughter’s – Isabella (4), Gia (2) and newborn Stella – puppy dog eyes that will get them pretty much whatever they want.

“She was asking me for something,” Matt, 40, says of Isabella.

“It was a treat. I was about to give it to her. She was looking at me and I was in a trance. Lucy walked into the room and said, ‘Isabella.’ And she looked up at her mother and broke into the most mischievous grin.

“I realized that this 18-month-old already knew that I was completely wrapped around her finger and it made me think how unfair the fight was between men and women. I was helpless in front of this 18-month-old. So what chance did I have with her mom?”

“I wouldn’t say Lucy is strict,” he adds, “but she’s definitely better than I am. I think if my kids were boys, I’d be, because I really understand boys. I don’t think I’d have any problem putting my foot down with consistency and authority and frequency, but with girls …”


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