Mariah Carey Feared Publicising Baby News

Nick Cannon urged his wife Mariah Carey to put her worries about suffering another miscarriage to one side and share the news of her pregnancy with their family and friends in a bid to “stay positive.”

The singer confirmed in October (10) that the couple was expecting its first child, but Cannon reveals Carey was hesitant to go public – because they had already lost one baby shortly after their marriage in 2008.  Speaking on The View, he says,

“You’re under such scrutiny from the media… from the day that people found out we were married, they were thinking it was a shotgun wedding, she was pregnant.

“So when we were pregnant the first time, trying to hold on to it (privacy), and then when we lost the pregnancy, it was just a really grey time, you don’t know what to say, should you have told people, do you tell people? So this time I was like, let’s stay positive, let’s tell everyone early, and that’s what we did.”

Carey and Cannon will welcome the tot next year (11).

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  1. BabyRazzi says

    This is certainly true, but people are people, too. Some celebs are more public, some are more private. Some feel they have some responsibility to set examples and some just want to be left alone. It’s all about the person, just like in “real” life, you know?

  2. Tess says

    Real people have miscarriages, and it sucks. Celebrities are no different. Not telling people is not going to keep it from happening, and if nothing else you can bring comfort to women who went through the same.

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