Tori Spelling Tweets About Taking Liam To The ER

Tori Spelling’s little guy, Liam, 3, has been under the weather for the last few days and the worried mama was trying everything she could think of to help him feel better.  She shared on Twitter some of her attempts:

Poor Liam’s cough is so bad. Fearing croup. Gave him hot bath. Doc said watch closely & if worse head 2 Urgent Care. Ughhh.

I just put vicks on his feet and then cozy socks. Does that really work?

Just drove Liam around for 20 minutes windows down. Didn’t seem to work. He’s still coughing.

When nothing seemed to be helping, she decided it was time for a trip to the ER:

Thanks 4 all your sweet tweets for Liam. Ended up having to take him to ER at midnite. He was such a trooper!! It was Croup!

It’s so hard when they’re little and you don’t want to jump the gun and rush to the doctor, but you hate to leave it go in case it IS something more serious.  Hopefully he’ll be feeling better quickly!

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