Nicole Scherzinger Considers Adoption

Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Sherzinger could become the latest star to adopt – the singer insists she would happily welcome an orphan into her family.

Scherzinger, who is dating British Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton, admits she is keen to start a family and she’d like to look into adoption when she’s ready.  But the 31 year old is adamant she won’t have a large family.
She tells Britain’s Daily Star,

“Yeah, I’d like to adopt. I’d like to have a couple of kids in the future, no more than that. I won’t be surrounded by children.”

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  1. says

    Great another stupid celebrity jumping on the adoption bandwagon.

    How about she just makes her own kid.. most adoptees are NOT orphans..just children separated from their families.. usually for the profit of the industry and the benefit of stupid celebrities.


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