Reese Witherspoon’s Kids Freaked Out By Her Baseball Accident

Reese Witherspoon’s research for acting roles proved to be somewhat dangerous.  The actress shared that while she was practicing for a softball scene in her upcoming film “How Do You Know“, she was injured. She explained that Deacon and Ava were freaked by the incident:

“I got popped in the eye. I got a black eye. Oh, I got a bloody nose… I was just practising at home with friends and stuff and I just, you know, throw to keep my arm in shape and stuff…
“They (my kids) were there when I got it and I hit the ground – that freaked them out little bit.”

She says that after the initial shock, they thought the injury was a bit cool!

“They thought it was cool. It’s like I’m the only mom at school with a black eye!”

Ouch, but at least they were all able to find the silver lining! 😉

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