Michael Sheen Calmed By Fatherhood

Actor Michael Sheen has credited fatherhood with teaching him tolerance and helping to tame his temper.

The Queen star was reported to have punched actor Jeremy Northam on the set of 2000 movie The Golden Bowl after he allegedly insulted Sheen’s then-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale.  But Sheen insists he has learned to be patient in trying situations since welcoming a daughter, Lily, with Beckinsale in 1999.  Speaking about his temper, he tells Britain’s Seven magazine,

“I think less so now… I hope it’s not indiscriminate rage. I always feel it’s justified. That (incident with Northam) was a long time ago. If I feel there is a situation where somebody is being very badly behaved or out of control or upsetting people needlessly, then I don’t hold back. I try to sort that out, but that happens less and less…
“I think being a parent changes that. You can’t go flying off the handle all the time. You have to learn to be patient and tolerant. You can’t just walk away and you can’t just shout. It’s about people accepting your flaws as much as you accepting theirs… I don’t hit anyone any more. I haven’t hit anyone for a long time.”

Photos by Juan Rico/BARM/Fame pictures

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