JLo Sings With EmLo

Cute video here of JLo and daughter Emme (pronounced with a long “e”) singing a little “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. The two were at a promotional event for Gucci’s children’s line. Emme and twin brother Max are both starring in the new campaign. Nice…when I think kid clothing, I certainly think Gucci, don’t you. JLo had a great quote pointing to the drastic differences between little (and mostly big) boys and girls:

“Max is, like, rather not have any clothes on. And Emme wants to have, like, everything on…scarves, jewelry, my shoes, dresses, and everything. So they’re having a lot of fun with fashion…she is, at least.”

Yep, JLo, you and I aren’t all that much different after all…or something like that. Photos by Pacific Coast News Video courtesy of PopSugar Rush BabyRazzi on Facebook! BabyRazzi on Twitter!

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