Ashlee Simpson Starting Holiday Traditions With Bronx

Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz are already putting down the foundations of family traditions with their son Bronx.  The singer shared:

“For my husband and I, it’s nice to start those traditions now,” Ashlee says. “What we’re doing with the tree, what we did over Thanksgiving … we actually had an amazing Thanksgiving with Peter’s family.”

She also shared that despite the fact that Bronx’s birthday is close to Christmas, he’ll be plenty spoiled come Christmas day. The celebrity mom said:

He just had his birthday, and he got a lot of gifts. ‘He’ll still have a great Christmas, and he’s really into Thomas the Train, but we have enough Thomas, so we do not need that this year!”

Ashlee also sang praises of sister Jessica’s future as a mom:

“We were actually over there yesterday, and Jessica is a wonderful godmother, and aunt, so I know she would be a wonderful mother.”

Do you have a birthday close to another holiday? Did you get short-changed in the gift department?

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