Danica McKellar Opens Up About Her Natural Childbirth Experience

Danica McKellar gave birth to her son Draco on September 7 after being in labor a very long time.

“It was 36 hours of labor, it was really something,” McKellar told Access Hollywood.

“But you know what, it was one of those challenges that I got to overcome, it’s one of those times when you tell yourself, ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ – cause I didn’t know if I could do it. And then you just push through and you believe in yourself.”

“It’s all the same stuff I talk about in my math books,” the actress added. “I tell girls, ‘You know what, when you think you can’t do a math problem, keep trying anyways, build that confidence.’ It’s all about the confidence that comes from feeling smart. And as I was in labor I was going, ‘Okay, okay just keep going. What do you tell your girls, what do you tell your readers? Overcome challenges, you can do it.’ We’re all stronger than we think we are.”

Love her attitude!

And apparently Danica felt so confident that she could do it, she ended up pulling her son out herself.

“It was amazing. And it was probably because I didn’t have the epidural, I was fully alert and I just would never trade that experience. I would do it again. As painful and as horrible as it was at times, it was the most cathartic, amazing feeling to actually feel everything and deliver that baby.”

Photos by Juan Rico/Ghost/Fame pictures

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