Rachel Zoe Is A ‘Twilight’ Fan – And Other Celebrity Twitter Quotes

While Nicole Richie is in NYC this weekend, Joel Madden is on daddy duty.  He tweets:

Home alone w/ my kids,Not so bad. Is there an on/off switch 4 these little things or do they just keep going? Nicole pls tweet instructions.

I guess M&M’s for breakfast WAS a bad idea. I feel like I’m in the toddler remake of 28 days later..

It’s ok Nicole I’m in the panic room waiting for them to tire themselves out.

Other celebrity parents (and parents-to-be) who have been busy tweeting, as well:

Denise Richards: “Girls wanna see Tangled again… Taking them tonight!”

Rachel Zoe :  “I’m a bit upset that “on demand” no longer has Twilight New Moon..I think all 3 Twilights should always be available…Thoughts? XoRZ”

Lance Armstrong:  “Herdin’ cats… Uh, I mean, trying to take our holiday card picture. Not easy with 5 kids!”

Jessica Alba: So happy 2 b home w my baby n sleep n my own bed! Look forward 2 presenting tomorrow @trevorproject -such a powerful org!

Melissa Joan Hart: My sons are playing out the scene in Elf with Miles Finch attacking Buddy. Hilarious!

Pink: “It’s a trip to be at a wedding and not really know anyone.Add sober to that.I think I might go to the reception in a bathing suit.And heels”

Peter Facinelli: Got on a plane right after filming. Just landed in LA. It’s my daughter’s bday this weekend. Happy Birthday Lola. 🙂

Debi Mazar:  “I can hear from the next rm,my 4 yr girl.saying to my hubby”my sister is wearing makeup!”8yr old asked hubby”when can I start!”here we go…”

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