Mayim Bialik Defends Her Parenting Style As “Not Perfect”

Actress Mayim Bialik has been very open about her parenting style and personal beliefs.  The actress was the subject of a recent “attack” post on a “mom blog” who accused of her being a “perfect parent” and Mayim felt the need to defend herself. She responded on the Holistic Moms website, where she is an active member:

the fact that I believe in every woman’s right to an empowering natural birth, encourage and practice extended nursing on demand with no social life in sight for the next few years, choose to make baby shampoo and granola and live a holistic lifestyle, and serve as my children’s primary caregiver does not make me an example of someone wanting to be ‘perfect.’ It just makes me me.”
Iam not trying to be perfect. I am a skeptical mom on a budget whose life is not very busy with social appointments, free time, or the use of a nanny or babysitter by choice. I dislike prestige, name brands, and being overcharged for products that I can make myself in no time. Do I always buy organic? No. Am I trying to be a martyr by not sleeping for more than 3 hours for the past 5 years because I don’t believe in night weaning my kids? No. Do I think I am better than you for my choices? No. Everyone does what works for them. But please do not confuse parents who shun popular culture, popular media, and popular trends with parents who want to show everyone up. In addition, it is kind of bad form to condemn “celebrities” for being honest and public about our choices simply because they are not what’s considered culturally convenient or acceptable; I talk to women every day who say that they had never heard of a celebrity supporting homebirth, naturopathy, or nursing a 2 1/2 year old, and I am thrilled if I can represent the wonderful variety of parenting that our free country allows. You don’t have to agree with me, but don’t be snarky and accuse me of being self-righteous when I am really just trying to raise my kids to the best of my ability, cameras on me or not.

Good for her for standing up to “bullies”.  We’re all just trying to raise our kids the best we can – there’s no ONE “perfect” or “right” way.  We may not agree with each others’ ways, but it doesn’t make them wrong.

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  1. Omni says

    how desperate are people to hate on others by accusing them of being too “perfect”? I mean come on can we just come together and respect each other as women and mothers no matter what our parenting styles?!

  2. Amber says

    Totally agree with her 110%. I don’t know why if you advocate for things it makes people think that you think you are better then them. It’s more like you advocate because you want people to know there are other options and because you want them to know there are people that are ok with not doing things that go with the status quo.

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