David Beckham Admits That Victoria Beckham Is Messy

David Beckham admits that he’s a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to tidying up and that wife Victoria is not exactly on the same wavelength.  He says along with picking up her clothes, he’s banished her to her own bathroom:

“She always leaves her drawers open (and) leaves the toothpaste top off too. It’s kind of her mess, though. It’s her bathroom. It’s not down to me.

Victoria jokingly chimes in:

He means like cupboard drawers, not as in knickers! I’m very messy. Clean, but very messy.

She says they keep separate bathrooms, so it doesn’t drive David too batty:

“We’re lucky enough to have separate bathrooms. David’s is all dark wood, very masculine. Mine is very modern, black and white. David’s products are all hidden away, whereas mine are quite on show. David’s pretty tidy. He doesn’t really have any annoying bathroom habits.”

I love that it’s Victoria who is the messy one!  So often it’s the husband!

Do you and your significant other enjoy the luxury of separate bathrooms??  Are you both pretty tidy?

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