Courteney Cox Shares Coco’s Christmas List

Cougar Town” star Courteney Cox shared that her daughter, Coco, 6, knows what she wants under her tree on Christmas morning: a puppy!  Courteney laughed about the list her daughter handed over:

She wants a puppy! Which is unfortunate because we have two dogs.”

Maybe that means Coco just REALLY enjoys dogs?  It sounded like Courteney was planning to cave to Coco’s request to add a third dog to their family. (Who could possibly say no to that adorable face anyway?)  She shared:

“All I said was, ‘No Chihuahuas!’  “[And Coco replied,] ‘No, they’re just crazy!’”

Have your kids finished their lists yet?  Are they pretty reasonable or do you need to win the lottery to fill their requests?

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