Melissa Joan Hart Opens Up About Working Far Away From Home

Melissa Joan Hart struggles, like all parents, to find balance between family and work commitments.  Melissa opened up about filming her new ABC show “Melissa & Joey“, which is based on the West coast, while her husband and kids are back in Connecticut.

“It’s kind of stressful. I just had the last six weeks off and I got to be home. Now I’m going to go back to the West coast for the next five months [to film Melissa & Joey]. My kids are in school so they have to be here — it is really hard.”

Melissa says that she makes sure not to go any longer than a week without seeing her boys, Mason, 4, and Braydon, 2.

“We’re just taking it a month at a time. I see them every other week. It’s difficult but at least I can also focus on work and then go home and be a mom.”

The celebrity mom shares her experience with trying to potty train her youngest:

“It’s been really hard. Today I had to leave the gym because Brady pooped his pants.  I couldn’t quite get him on the potty in time. It’s tough but that’s the messy stuff you deal with!”

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  1. emilyyee says

    My dad was away from home since I was too lil to remember. He came back for like once a year and stayed for few days and then gone again. I used to be very close to him but then time and distance separated us. Not quite a pleasant childhood growing up with a single working mother alone. I was really lonely. I hope she could find job near her home or had her family to lives with her.


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