Kate Gosselin Gets A Job To Support Family

Kate Gosselin is now looking for new ways to make money since her reality show has been over.

Her new gig?  Correspondent for the new show Skating with the Stars.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Kate will be interviewing selected people on the show.

That doesn’t seem like a bad job, and I’m sure the pay is decent – raising eight children is no cheap family.  However, she may have to tone down her lifestyle even with the new job.

“Kate lives like she is a movie star,” said one insider. “She flies first class and stays at the most expensive hotels and spends money on herself like it’s going out of fashion. Remember, this is a woman who once spent $7,000 on a haircut!

“Kate was hoping to get paid to endorse a bunch of products.

When her thoughts of getting endorsed went sour, Kate is really  rethinking things.

“Kate is so worried about her finances that she’s even thinking about getting a real job.”

Hey, you got to do what you got to do to support your family – just hope she realizes how she may be spending her money and what’s really important.

How do you think Kate would be as an interviewer on the show?

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