Dwayne Johnson Already Fears Daughter’s Boyfriends

Dwayne Johnson won’t be afraid to open a can of whoop a$$ when it comes to protecting his daughter.

Actor and former wrestler, The Rock, is already dreading the day his nine-year-old daughter Simone starts dating.

His response to being asked how he’s going to handle the “boyfriend meet dad” situation, he said:

“I’m going to sit him down and have a good long talk with him.

“Then if he doesn’t understand we’re going to step outside!”

Poor future boyfriends!  Who wouldn’t be a bit nervous to meet The Rock and have him lay down the law about his own flesh and blood.  But maybe Dwayne will become a little bit more soft in the years to come, he still has quite a ways before she dates.

Photos by Juan Rico/Fame pictures

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