Charlie Sheen Spends Thanksgiving With Denise Richards And Daughters

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards seem to be getting along better than ever.  The divorced couple spent some time in NYC together last month (which ended up being a pretty bad weekend for Charlie, but the girls had a good time with their dad nonetheless), and yesterday the celebrity parents spent Thanksgiving together.  Denise invited Charlie to spend the day with her and their daughters, Sam and Lola.  A friend of Charlie’s shares:

“Charlie spent the afternoon eating turkey with Denise and their two daughters. It was a wonderful time for them all to be together and Denise’s idea that they all sit down together as one happy family as if that awful night had never happened.”

It’s nice to see these two are becoming friends – it’s so much easier on the kids when the parents get along.  I’m sure the girls were happy to spend the holiday with both of their parents.

Photos by FAME

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