Rihanna “Could Be” Ready To Have A Baby

Rihanna, the 22-year-old singer who has been dating baseball star Matt Kemp since January, has a list of ambitions she wants to achieve before becoming a mother, but has not given herself a definite time deadline to start a family.

“I don’t really plan on the age. It could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Whenever is right. I mean, I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish before I get to kids. Whenever the time is right, I’ll just know.”

While Rihanna is unsure when she will have a baby, she knows she would prefer to have a son. It’s funny becuase I think many women want the daughter first, but then the see what it’s like to have a “mama’s boy” and that certainly changes the perception a bit.

She explained in the December issue of Interview magazine:

“If I had a girl, she’d probably be really rebellious. She would be like a bundle of karma.”

The ‘Only Girl in the World’ hitmaker also would “love to” raise a family in her native Barbados but doesn’t think it would be possible because of her pop career.

“I can’t live that far away from everything now, without kids. So I certainly couldn’t raise kids and have a career with the demanding schedule that I have.”

She’s so young and has so much ahead of her, but I wish her well in her decision. I think people today put too much into “doing things” before kids. Life does not stop when you have kids and there are a lot of filler-type things that happen in your 20s that perhaps you realize were not all that great when compared to having kids. Just my take. Having kids is the greatest thing in the world, to me.

By the way…the long, red, ringlet hair is AWESOME. Great look for her. Never looked better!

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