Jenna Elfman Shares Breast Milk With Meth-Addicted Baby

Actress Jenna Elfman opened up about her difficulty with breastfeeding after her first son Story, 3, was born.  She said of the experience:

“I had zero education about breastfeeding. I thought you put the baby on the breast and they sucked and that was it.”

Since Story struggled with proper latching, she decided to just pump her breast milk and use a bottle with him.  All of the extra milk she wound up didn’t go unused.  Jenna made a generous offer to a friend, who had a family member that gave birth to a methamphetamine-addicted baby, to share her breast milk.

Once a week my friend would come over and get a supply. The second the baby started on breast milk, he could hold it down. All of the rash symptoms on his body started going away. I literally kept him alive for several months.”

The little boy is now 3 and she says he’ll always have a special place in her heart.

In my heart I feel connected to him, like he’s my little angel friend

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  1. Prairigal says

    I’ve not know much about this actress-but she really is altruistic-Happy to read such an inspiring story!


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